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5 useful tips on how to build a simple chatbot with Azure
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5 useful tips on how to build a simple chatbot with Azure

By Sara Godinho, Talent Marketing Specialist @Xpand IT

Want to know how to configure a chatbot, step by step, on Microsoft Azure? Want to learn how to work with LUIS?

A clever way to build a personalized chatbot

Microsoft Azure and the Azure Bot Service provide a fast and simple means of creating a chatbot that you can connect to social networks. The Azure platform facilitates development by offering basic templates prepared for numerous scenarios.

One of the main challenges associated with the creation of chatbots is precisely the ability to intelligently understand the intentions and the message written by the user in conversations, by processing natural language. This is possible with Microsoft’s cognitive services, more specifically, LUIS.

LUIS (Language Understanding Intelligence Service) processes natural language, which creates and humanizes a sophisticated bot capable of deciphering complex messages:

  • Understands users’ commands and purposes (intentions);
  • Executes its actions by extracting valuable information from sentences and expressions (entities).
chatbot with azure script LUIS

Regarding the most impressive advantages of LUIS, it can make use of the natural language service without the implementation of algorithms from scratch. This natural language service is also in constant evolution, refining its aptitude to associate certain expressions to the correct intentions.

Create and implement a new chatbot, applying these 5 tips that will help you optimize your time:

  • Use the Azure function bot and integrate it with LUIS. Take advantage of the service, namely its ability to learn and comprehend language, improving and refining the respective intentions for each expression.
  • Capitalize on the different functionalities of the Azure Bot Service: webchat for testing, pre-programmed basic scripts and integration with different channels and social networks.
chatbot with azure webchat
  • Use LUIS’ capabilities and potential to the fullest. Create your own personalized natural language model, introducing sentences (“utterances”) and defining “intents” and “entities”. LUIS is dialogue-driven. Focus on expression and their associated intentions to improve your bot.
  • Construct the most diverse sentences possible to predict and anticipate different types of questions from the users and create the most tailored and humanized conversation environment.
  • LUIS can learn. Once you create your first model, the service progressively absorbs new information through live chat conversations and interactions with users. You can always make adjustments along the way and include new dialogues.

Your next chatbot is just a single word away. Create a unique and incredible experience for your users too.