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The difference between just writing code and thinking strategically
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The difference between just writing code and thinking strategically

By Xpand IT

We all know that times are different now. Everything changes fast, so understanding the distinct roles within the industry is crucial for businesses aspiring for digital transformation. At Xpand IT, we are more than a technology company: we’re a technology consultancy. This shift highlights the importance of not just knowing technology but also understanding how to leverage it strategically.  

This post explores the fundamental differences between an IT consultant who thinks strategically and a software engineer whose focus is exclusively on writing code and what sets a technology consultancy apart from a traditional tech company. 

What is the difference between a technology consultancy and a tech company? 

A traditional tech company primarily develops and delivers software products. Its main objective is to create robust, high-quality code that meets a project’s specifications. These companies are driven by the technical excellence of their products. 

On the other hand, a technology consultancy like Xpand IT goes beyond just coding. We aim to understand the broader business objectives and provide strategic advice on how technology can best be utilized to achieve these goals.  

This involves a holistic approach that includes understanding the client’s industry, their unique challenges, and the client’s tailored solutions that drive business value.

What differentiates a strategic thinker from a just technical person? 

Scope of Work: 

  • A writing coder is an expert in specific programming languages and development methodologies. Their primary role is to write and maintain the codebase. They focus on creating functional, efficient, and error-free software solutions.
  • While possessing strong technical skills, IT Consultants and strategic thinkers have a broader scope of work. They analyse business needs, advise on technology strategy, and ensure the implemented solutions align with business goals. They act as the bridge between the technical team and business stakeholders. 

Approach and Mindset: 

  • Writing coders are typically involved in a project’s technical execution. Their mindset is geared toward solving specific technical problems and implementing detailed specifications. 
  • Strategic thinkers adopt a more holistic view. Their approach involves understanding the client’s overall business strategy, identifying clients’ areas for improvement, and recommending solutions that enhance business performance. They must possess strong communication skills to translate complex technical concepts into business terms. 

Team Dynamics: 

  • In a tech company, the focus is often on building strong development teams with deep technical expertise. These teams work on coding, testing, and deploying software solutions. 
  • The team dynamics in a consultancy are more diverse. While technical skills are still paramount, there is also a strong emphasis on business acumen, project management, and client relationship management. Teams are typically multidisciplinary, combining software engineers, business analysts, project managers, and domain experts to deliver comprehensive solutions. 

What makes a good IT Consultant and strategic thinker?

A good IT consultant embodies a blend of technical prowess and business insight. Here are some essential qualities: 

  • Analytical thinking: The ability to analyse complex business problems and devise effective technical solutions. 
  • Communication skills: Proficiency in explaining technical concepts to non-technical stakeholders and understanding their needs. 
  • Strategic vision: An understanding of how technology can drive business success and the ability to develop strategies that align with business goals. 
  • Adaptability: Staying current with emerging technologies and trends and adapting solutions to leverage new opportunities. 
  • Client-focused: Prioritising the client’s success and building strong, trust-bases client relationships. 

At Xpand IT, the future of technology lies in the intersection of technical excellence and strategic consultancy. By bridging the gap between pure software development and comprehensive business solutions, we aim to deliver value beyond code.  

Whether you want to optimize your operations, innovate your business model, or embark on a digital transformation journey, our expert IT consultants guide you through every step.