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Accounting Assistant

Xpand IT’s Accounting & Finance department is responsible for accounting, auditing, planning and organising the company’s finances. The main focus of this department is to calculate and record every day-to-day commercial and financial operation, as well as ensuring the company’s compliance with every legal and tax obligation. It is also the responsibility of this department to produce and maintain reports for analysing and monitoring Xpand IT’s various financial and operating indicators.



As an Accounting Assistant, you will have a role of great responsibility in supporting the execution of accounting and financial processes of Xpand IT’s Accounting & Finance department. You will also be responsible for administrative support activities such as receipt of documentation, digitisation and correct classification of documents, ensuring the introduction and proper integration of data in the computer systems to support the department’s operation.

Your daily activities will include:

  • Classifying and accounting internal documentation according to the CNS in the ERP
  • Classifying and accounting documentation according to internal rules in our cost accounting system
  • Supporting in conference and control of Bank Reconciliation and chequing accounts.
  • Controlling, checking and accounting of expense statements made by the Xpanders
  • Controlling intra-group balances
  • Supporting monthly and annual closing operations
  • Supporting compliance with legal and tax obligations
  • Checking and scanning invoices
  • High school or Degree in economic areas such as Accounting, Management or Finance
  • Professional experience (2+ years) in activities similar to the responsibilities inherent to the role
  • Proper computer skills from the user’s perspective and/or collaborative tools
  • Accuracy, great attention to details and meeting deadlines
  • Organisation, dynamism and a high sense of responsibility
  • Proactive and problem-solving skills
  • Fluent, written and spoken English

// Will be a nice plus if you have: 

  • Professional experience in accounting office
  • Knowledge and/or experience in analytical accounting
  • Professional experience in operating with reference ERP software

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Accounting Assistant
Leonel Parrulas, Senior Accounting Specialist
@Xpand IT

Working at Xpand IT means working every day with team spirit. Our main purpose is to always “win” our challenges with a smiling face and feeling of accomplishment.