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Business Intelligence Developer

Business intelligence & Analytics aims to develop software solutions that help business decision makers to make better decisions based on historical and recent data. BI teams develop and use tools that access and analyze data sets (through Extraction, Transform and Load operations) and present analytical findings in reports, maps, graphs, charts and dashboards to provide users with detailed intelligence about the state of the business.

At Xpand IT we develop Business Intelligence software solutions for a wide range of business sectors: Utilities, Telecoms, Auto and Transportation) using Pentaho Data Integration framework for complex ETL chains and Tableau for building state-of-the-art dashboards and reports.


As Business Intelligence Developer you will play a critical role as a strategic advisor to analise, suggest and project better business rules and processes. You will be in charge of developing, deploying, and maintaining Business Intelligence systems and interfaces. Those include data modeling tools, querys, data visualization and interactive dashboards. You will also be responsable for designing Data Warehouse systems used to accommodate all relevant data to be presented on those reporting tools.

Your daily activities will include:

  • Translate business rules into clear and systematic technical / functional requirements
  • Identify the correct Metrics and KPI that match business needs
  • Identify the relevant data sources to produce the correct calculations of all necessary Metrics / KPIs.
  • Perform data warehouse data modelsdesign and modelling according to established standards
  • Design and develop performant and scalable ETL processes considering all relevant stages (staging, cleansing, etc).
  • Develop reports and dashboards based on business requirements
  • Perform quality assurance checks over the whole Data Warehouse and Reporting infrastructures as well as their security

// Stacks: Tableau, Pentaho

Oportunidades de Emprego Xpand IT
Oportunidades de emprego pentaho
  • MSc / BSc in Information Systems Management, Business Informatics or Engineering in general
  • Experience in relational normalized and non-normalized data models design and implementation
  • Experience in data base management tools such as MS SQL Server , MySQL or PostgreSQL.
  • Responsibility and organization
  • Team player and problem-solving skills
  • Strong communication skills (written and spoken)
  • English proficiency

//Will be a nice plus if you have: 

  • Knowledge on shell scripting
  • Knowledge on Java programming
  • Experience in using Eclipse, Maven, Jenkins, GIT, JIRA or equivalent tools

// Learn more about Business Intelligence area: 

MS SQL Server, MySQL
Data models design and implementation

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Carlos Pereira, Business Intelligence Developer
@Xpand IT

It has been a great experience using the Full Suite of Pentaho tools for working with data from multiple data sources, uploading it to the Data Warehouse and finally creating reports. At Xpand IT besides the professional challenges, you’ll find a good work culture and team spirit.