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Integration Developer

The Middleware area at Xpand IT helps clients improve business processes from end to end by implementing software solutions that enable several applications/components of a distributed system to communicate and manage data in an efficient and scalable manner. By design, these solutions enable interoperability between applications that may run in different operating environments (operating system or cloud provider) and communicate by exchanging data based on industry standards (JSON, XML, etc).


As an Integration Developer, you will be responsible for implementing business integration solutions and participating in the full development cycle and its challenges. You will develop solutions using low-code/no-code integration platforms on the market, and at the same time, you will contribute to their design, applying typical integration standards and best practices.

On a daily basis, you will be responsible for:

  • Develop quality middleware solutions based on integration products and technologies
  • Apply typical integration standards and best practices such as abstraction, reuse and composition
  • Ensuring that the delivered code responds to functional needs in a resilient and scalable way, corresponding to the best standards of enterprise integration
  • Actively participate in the design and evolution of APIs and integrations
  • Participate in the technical and functional analysis of complex integration architectures, transversal to organizations
  • Work with the team and provide insights to solve challenging problems

// Stacks: WSO2, MuleSoft, Azure

Carreira em IT WSo2
  • Bachelor’s or Master’s Degree in Computer Engineering and Information Systems or Computer Science
  • Academic development in the area of integration, systems architecture or distributed systems
  • Academic experience with Java or other Object Oriented Programming languages
  • Understanding of integration patterns and programming best practices
  • Knowledge of JSON, XML, Xpath and WSDL
  • Knowledge of REST, HTTP, FTP, SMTP and TCP
  • Contact with Unix systems and shell scripting
  • Motivation, capacity for innovation, good communication skills and easy integration into work teams
  • Enjoyment for teamwork and solving complex problems and challenges
  • Good communication skills (written and spoken)
    • Fluent English (written and spoken)

// Extra points for:

  • Knowledge or experience with Docker/Kubernetes ecosystem
  • Knowledge or experience with microservices-based architectures
  • Knowledge or experience with low-code cloud services
  • Experience with Middleware frameworks such as WSO2, Mulesoft, Azure, TIBCO, Red Hat, Oracle or IBM

// Find out more about the Middleware area:

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Matheus Querino, Integration Developer
@Xpand IT

At Xpand IT,  you’ll find amazing people with whom you’ll live the best experiences, learning and growing with them both personally and professionally. in the Middleware team you’ll get to work with many technologies and create the best solutions for multiple industries clients.