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UX/UI Lead

Xpand IT’s UX/UI team plays a key role in developing digital products and solutions. 

It’s responsible for providing and implementing the best User Experience practices in the industry, acting as specialised consultants and ensuring the success of the software solutions, producing usability for our clients at a national and international level.

Collaborate with multidisciplinary teams, including Software Developers, Product Owners and Service Leads, in implementing a wide range of projects such as mobile applications, dashboards, portals, responsive websites and other types of digital products for various industries such as banking, insurance, health, retail and transport, among others.


As a UX UI Lead, you will have a vital role in creating the best multi-channel usability experiences, by coordinating several projects and ensuring that they meet customers’ expectations and also adhere to high-quality standards.

You will be responsible for creating and maintaining close communication with team leaders, project managers and management. You will represent the company with national and international customers.

Your daily activities will include:

  • Leading a wide variety of digital projects and products, including digital user and interface experiences
  • Planning and implementing new interface designs
  • Serving as an expert in visual hierarchy, layout and information architecture
  • Overseeing the optimisation of existing interface designs;
  • Communicating with clients to understand their business objectives
  • Developing technical and business requirements focused on offering intuitive and user-centric solutions
  • Collaborating with internal and external designers, developers & stakeholders to ensure the development and delivery of personalised experiences for the digital user
  • Proposing new creative approaches, combining cultural awareness and critical thinking
  • Representing the UXUI department close to a variety of stakeholders and managing expectations of a diverse set of individuals
  • Presenting their work in a clear and impactful manner to all stakeholders
  • Fostering alliances with influential stakeholders inside and outside the organisation
  • Contributing towards improving design processes and practices, while facilitating change
  • Dedicating considerable time with customers, observing how they work, validating ideas with them, and ensuring the development of a trusting relationship
  • Demonstrating a well-rounded sense of business skills ranging from project management to business analysis
  • Providing structured mentorship for less senior designers
  • BSc in Design or similar
  • At least4 years’ professional experience in the UXUI field
  • Professional experience with the following technologies and software: Adobe XD, Sketch, iOS, Android, Design Systems, Design Sprints and overall Adobe Creative Suite;
  • Team player but also able to work independently;
  • Ability to multi-tasking and time management, making it easy to prioritise tasks
  • Teamwork and problem solver
  • Conceptual and creative thinking to develop innovative solutions;
  • Good communication skills (written and spoken)
  • Fluent English (written and spoken)

// Will be a nice plus if you have:

  • Knowledge of HTML5 & CSS3
  • Additional passion for motion graphics and digital skills in After Effects and Premiere
  • Experience in team, pipeline and budget management
  • Expert with sketching, flow diagrams and prototyping tools

// Learn more about our UX UI projects:

Adobe XD, Sketch, iOS, Android

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Carlos Neves UX UI Lead
Carlos Neves, UX/UI Team Lead & Senior Consultant
@Xpand IT

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