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Corporate Teams Human Resources

Human Resources & Logistics

The Human Resources area is concerned with employees’ entire journey (and potential employees) from the first contact with Xpand IT.

It ensures a rigorous recruitment process and a welcoming onboarding so that everyone is well received and integrated. It is responsible for the good management of all benefits, partnerships, and protocols and energises the Xpanders community, always to promote Xpand IT human culture, based on strong values.

The main objective is to create lasting and trusting relationships that guarantee each Xpander’ personal and professional development.

//Key Roles: Talent Acquisition Specialist, Talent Engagement Specialist, Payroll & Benefits Specialist

Corporate Teams Marketing & Sales teams

Marketing & Sales

The marketing department ensures the marketing and communication strategy, which is responsible for promoting the Xpand IT brand in its various aspects: institutional, services, and talent. Our daily commitment is to ensure that the brand message is disseminated clearly and effectively to different audiences: internal and external, national and international. We work focused on producing results, mostly through digital marketing and inbound marketing strategies for lead generation and nutrition.

Sales is the Xpand IT department responsible for converting leads and marketing strategies into sales and effective business. This department’s focus is to develop business opportunities, generating sales and contributing to the company’s growth. By integrating our Sales area, you can expect to work together with our Marketing and IT Services teams to create and maintain relationships of trust and success with our partners and customers through technology.

//Key Roles: Marketing Specialist, Marketing Project Manager, Digital Communication Technician, IT Business Developer

Corporate Teams Design


The Design team is responsible for working and caring for the identity and communication of the brand, its services, products and business areas. Collaborates with the technological units, engagement, HR and marketing, developing projects and pieces of graphic design and communication with different approaches: marketing, events, promotion and communication, social media, blogs, illustration, image treatment.

//Key Roles: Graphic Designer

Corporate Teams Accounting

Accounting & Finance

Xpand IT’s Accounting & Finance department is responsible for accounting, auditing, planning, and organizing its finances. The main focus of this department is to calculate and record all day-to-day commercial and financial operations and ensure compliance with all legal and tax obligations of the company. It is also the department’s responsibility to produce and maintain reports for analysis and monitoring of the various financial and operating indicators of Xpand IT.

//Key Roles: Accounting Specialist, Accounting Administrative

Corporate Teams Support Systems

Support Systems

Xpand IT’s IT Support Systems area is responsible for acquiring and maintaining all the company’s hardware and software, ensuring that all employees have the necessary conditions to perform their job activities.

//Key Roles: IT Support Engineer

Corporate Teams Quality Improvement

Quality Improvement

Xpand IT’s Quality Improvement Team’s mission is to continuously improve all company processes and support teams to improve their day-to-day work quality. Guarantee that software development teams know and apply our work methodology – Xpagile – promote good practices implementation related to Data Protection and Information Security (ISO 27001).

This team is also responsible for ensuring the implementation of our Integrated Management System, through internal audits, management of performance framework, collection and analysis of indicators, training, coaching and maintenance of the system in all its aspects.

//Key Roles: Quality Improvement Specialist


Our Xpanders' reviews

Joana Lemos, Talent Engagement Specialist
Working at Engagement department means that every single day is different and focused on people, ensuring their well-being, mentoring and personal development. Our mission is that everyone can live our core values and be part of a culture of togetherness and commitment.
Leonel Parrulas, Accounting Manager
Working at Xpand IT means working every day with team spirit. Our main purpose is to always “win” our challenges with a smiling face and feeling of accomplishment.
Catarina Rochinha, Marketing Manager
In Talent Marketing & Employer Branding team, we have the mission of inspiring tech people to work at Xpand IT. People say our work is made easier because our culture speaks for itself: we’re truly genuine, we always work as a team and together we grow every day. I like to think that we represen
Ana Paneiro, Marketing Project Manager
If you’re looking for a team that works together, you’ve come to the right place. In the Marketing team, you’ll find a relaxed environment where collaboration is vital in everything we do. We invest in creativity, dynamism and commitment as key drivers for our motivation to always improve ourselves.

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