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Technology Teams

Technology Teams

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Product & Technology teams Big Data

Big Data

The Big Data technological area develops and implements architectures and software solutions representing state of the art on the capture, ingestions, process, enrich, storage and management of critical data from huge clusters where the 3Vs are always present. In what concerns the technology stack, we take advantage of almost all state-of-the-art frameworks in Big Data ecosystems such as Spark, Kafka, Hive/Impala, Azure Data Services, and MongoDB using Java and Scala as the programming languages to interact with them.

// Key Roles: Data Engineer, Big Data Software Engineer, Java Backend Developer

Product & Technology teams Data Science

Data Science

The Data Science area is dedicated to analysing and modelling data, solving diverse and multi-disciplinary problems in which we combine mathematics, software engineering and the knowledge of machine learning algorithms. Our focus is on implementing solutions that really make a difference, hence the relevance we give to development methodologies and approaches to problems. Python is the main programming language and, whenever necessary, it is applied in a distributed way allowing the implementation of solutions at scale.

//Key Roles: Data Scientist,  Machine Learning Engineer

Product & Technology teams Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence & Analytics

The Business Intelligence & Analytics team aims to ensure that organizations can get more value from their data and become truly data-driven. We implement end-to-end business intelligence solutions, taking advantage of our technological partnerships with Hitachi, Microsoft and Tableau, where we specialize. To ensure excellent results, we always work closely with customers, realizing their business and requirements and increasing the positive impact.

//Key Roles: Data Analytics Engineer

Product & Technology teams Microsoft & Mobile Development

Microsoft & Mobile Development

The Digital Xperience area at Xpand IT is a fast-growing technological team that focuses on Microsoft and Mobile technologies. The main mission is to deliver high-quality software solutions that respond to the end-users needs in a continuously demanding and fast-paced technological world, providing the best experience in terms of personalization, performance and features. We take advantage of a set of state-of-the-art frameworks and tools such as Kubernetes to deploy Azure Apps and .Net Core for Web development.

But this is not all; our team also works with Kotlin and Swift for native App development and Xamarin or Flutter for cross-platform App development, deploying and integrating our Apps into Microsoft and Azure ecosystems.

//Key Roles: Mobile Developer, .Net Developer

Product & Technology teams web development

Web Development

Web Development area iresponsible for the conception, design, development and deployment of Rich Web Applications software solutions. From the beginning of requirement definition passing by architecture and data model definition, choose the best technology until the user interface’s last layer.

The main technological stack is based on Java and JavaScript for backend and middleware layers such as Node.js along with JavaScript-based frameworks such as Angular and React for frontend development. 

//Key Roles: JavaScript Fullstack Developer, Java Fullstack Developer

Product & Technology teams Middleware

Middleware & CRM

Salesforce is currently the best CRM solution on the marketThis integrated product allows organizations to manage all prospect and customer interactions.  Xpand IT aims to be a Salesforce premium partner and is building a team of Salesforce experts to achieve this goal. We will help our customer to build better and efficient business processes and workflows using this platform.

The Middleware team helps clients improve business processes from end to end by implementing software solutions that enable several applications/components of a distributed system to communicate and manage data efficiently and scalably. By design, these solutions enable interoperability between applications that may run on different operating environments (operating system or cloud provider) and communicate by exchanging data based on industry standards (JSON, XML, etc.).

//Key Roles: Salesforce Developer, Middleware Developer

Product & Technology teams Agile Processes

Agile Processes

Xpand IT is one of Europe’s most rewarded Atlassian partner. Agile Processes Area is responsible for improving internal processes by transforming tedious and repetitive tasks into collaborative and agile moments. This transformation is achieved by using the most modern methodologies along with state-of-the-art software such as Atlassian products. This applies not only to Software Development Cycle processes but also to any mid/large organisation process.

//Key Roles: Atlassian Consultant, Atlassian System Administrator

equipas de produto e tecnologia uxui


UX/UI team plays a key role in the development of digital products and solutions. 

It’s responsible for providing and implementing the best User Experience practices in the industry, acting as specialized consultants and ensuring the software solutions’ success produced usability for our clients at national and international level.

Collaborates with multidisciplinary teams, including Software Developers, Product Owners and Service Leads, in the implementation of a wide range of projects such as mobile applications, dashboards, portals, responsive websites and other types of digital products for various industries such as banking, insurance, health, retail and transport, among others.

//Key Roles: UX UI Designer


Our Xpanders' reviews

Luís Vicente, Big Data e Data Science Manager
At Xpand IT you’ll discover that working in Big Data means working with a great and knowledgeable team that will help you leverage a vast set of technologies for creating large scale distributed systems. We really believe this is a collaborative journey to excellence, where each and every one of us
Alexandre Romano, Backend Developer
I've accepted the challenge of enrolling Xpand IT's Summer Internships and today I realize it was a unique opportunity to enter the job market. The methodologies and the workplace culture have been promoting my growth, learning and IT career progression.
Carlos Neves, UX/UI Team Lead
Life is too short to build something nobody wants. Join our quest to design effective and delightful digital experiences.
Vanessa Ramos, Business Intelligence Project Manager
I've joined Xpand IT 5 years ago, as a Business Intelligence Developer. During this time, my career path evolved very quickly. I had the chance to learn a lot and grow, both professionally and personally, while working with amazing people and doing something I enjoy. Xpand IT is a company that value
Diogo Cardante, Full Stack Developer
In the Technology teams I have been participating in challenging projects with such amazing people that is always here to help. Besides, the technologies I use are great, and we always implement the best practices in every dimension.

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