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Senior Java Backend Developer

The Web Development area is responsible for the conception, design, development and deployment of Rich Web Applications software solutions. From the very beginning of setting requirements, by way of outlining architecture and data models, choose the best technology until the last layer of the user interface. The main technological stack is based on Java and JavaScript for backend and middleware layers such as Node.js along with JavaScript-based frameworks such as Angular and React for frontend development.


As a Senior Java Backend Developer, you will play an essential role in the development of web software solutions, applying the best practices in terms of design and architecture of web platforms to meet the requirements of customers looking for solutions for their business.

Your daily activities will include:

  • Play a key role in gathering and defining requirements with client architecture and systems teams;
  • Participate in technical and functional analysis in the design and architecture stages of application solutions projects;
  • Develop application solutions for web systems such as APIs and Services based on Java and Spring technologies and different database management tools such as PostgreSQL and MongoDB;
  • Apply design standards and software architecture such as client/server, service-oriented, microservices and others;
  • Apply implementation standards such as SOLID and best practices such as abstraction, reuse and composition;
  • Ensure that the delivered code responds to functional needs in a resilient and scalable way, corresponding to the best business quality standards;
  • Actively participate in the design and evolution of APIs and integrations;
  • Participate in the planning, development and integration of infrastructure and DevOps components;
  • Work with the team and provide insights to solve challenging problems;
  • Ensuring development tests (functional and/or unit tests), as well as performing code review with teammates;
  • Support less experienced team members with technical issues.

// Stacks: Java; Spring; PostgreSQL; MongoDB

Oportunidade Emprego Java Fullstack Developer
Oportunidades de emprego spring
  • Bachelor’s or Master’s Degree in Computer Engineering and Information Systems or Computer Science;
  • Professional development in the area of web client, server and/or microservices solutions;
  • Professional experience with Java or other Object Oriented Programming languages;
  • Understanding good programming practices: SOLID, RESTful;
  • Knowledge of JSON, XML;
  • Knowledge of REST, SOAP, HTTP;
  • Knowledge in Maven or Gradle for dependency management;
  • Knowledge of at least one SQL and/or NoSQL database technology;
  • Knowledge of DevOps for creating and configuring environments for building and deploying applications;
  • Knowledge in cloud technologies;
  • Knowledge or experience with Docker/Kubernetes ecosystem;
  • Flexibility to learn new languages and new technologies;
  • Ability to investigate new technologies that can bring innovation to projects;
  • Motivation, capacity for innovation, good communication skills and easy integration into work teams;
  • I enjoy teamwork and solving complex problems and challenges;
  • Good communication skills (written and spoken);
  • Fluent English (written and spoken).

// Extra points for:

  • Linux platform experience;
  • Knowledge or experience with AWS, Google Cloud or Azure cloud services;
  • Experience with identification technologies like Keycloak, AD or Firebase;
  • Knowledge with messaging technologies: RabbitMQ, Kafka or similar.

// Learn more about Web Development:

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java Backend Developer
André Pereira, Java Backend Developer
@Xpand IT

Thanks to the innovation mindset and my team expertise, I’ve found at Xpand IT a great opportunity to evolve and improve my knowledge. Here, I’m able to dig in into the latest tech trends and tools, being close to the tech community. This way I can exceed clients expectations with our solutions.