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New Lisbon Office: More Than Just a Workspace, It’s Our Collaboration Hub
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New Lisbon Office: More Than Just a Workspace, It’s Our Collaboration Hub

by Xpand IT

In 2023, Xpand IT faced significant challenges, marking new chapters in our company’s history. We introduced a fresh corporate identity, updating our logo and visual materials to reinforce our strategic positioning in the market. Additionally, we relocated to a new headquarters.

Our office in Lisbon represents more than just a physical space; it embodies our dedication to collaboration, innovation, and forward-thinking work practices. This is our Collaboration Hub, where technology converges with teamwork, shaping the future of work.

Founded in 2003, Xpand IT is a global IT consulting company specializing in cutting-edge technologies. We assist companies in shaping their Data Journey, enhancing Customer Experiences, accelerating Workplace Transformation, delivering Cloud services, and unlocking the power of Artificial Intelligence.

A Hub of Collaboration

Our Lisbon office has been designed from the ground up to be more than a place of work. It’s a Meeting point for our team to come together, share ideas, and create. Our office is also our showcase to the world, clients, and partners and embodies our values and mission.

Fosters technological and strategic expertise, linking solutions and promotion innovation in digital transformation through collaborative brainstorming and the synergy of creativity and efficiency.

Xpand IT Careers - Escritório em Lisboa 2024

Accountability in Action

We prioritize accountability as a cornerstone of our company culture. We believe in a business environment that gives support, provides freedom, shares information, offers resources and maintains clarity. These elements are essential for fostering accountability, where asking questions, delivering feedback, and clarifying commitments are fundamental.

Our space is intentionally designed to promote accountability among team members. We encourage open communication and transparency, ensuring everyone feels empowered to ask questions and seek clarity on their responsibilities.

Moreover, our office layout facilitates collaboration and teamwork, making it easy for team members to work together towards common goals. Accountability is woven into our daily interactions through formal meetings or casual discussions.

Xpand IT Careers - Escritório em Lisboa 2024

Modern and Technological

As we look towards the future, we’ve equipped our office with the latest technology to support in-person and digital collaboration. This also helps our international teams work together smoothly, whether they’re in the office or working from far away. Fast internet, excellent video conferencing tools, and intelligent office setups mean everyone stays connected easily – including clients.

This technological support allows us to offer a client experience that is both personal and professional, reflecting our commitment to excellence and innovation. Our mission is to guide organisations towards a future of excellence through strategic and technological solutions.

Xpand IT Careers - Escritório em Lisboa 2024

Designed for a Healthy Hybrid Work Mode

Understanding the importance of flexibility, our Lisbon office is a testament to our belief in a healthy hybrid work model.

Rooms are meticulously designed to support individual focus and collaborative efforts, accommodating diverse work styles and preferences. This flexibility ensures that our team can work best in a way that suits the project, fostering well-being and productivity.

Xpand IT Careers - Escritório em Lisboa 2024

More Than Just Workspaces

The best ideas often can come from moments of reflection and casual interaction. Our office goes beyond the conventional, including spaces encouraging productivity and socialization, such as our auditorium or balcony.

Enjoy a cup of freshly brewed coffee, grab fruit for a healthy snack, or enter our balcony to soak in the views and fresh air. These touches enhance the workday experience and contribute to a culture of wellness and balance.

Xpand IT Careers - Escritório em Lisboa 2024

As we open the doors to our new Lisbon office, we invite our team, clients, and the community to see it as more than just a place of business. It’s a Collaboration Hub, a beacon of modern work culture, and a symbol of our dedication to innovation, flexibility, and a balanced approach to work.

Here, in the heart of Lisbon, we’re not just building a team but shaping the future of work.

Welcome to our office – where the future of work comes alive.