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POV Recruiter: trends everyone should know about
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Ahead of the Curve: understanding today’s top tech recruitment trends

by Alexandre Silva, Talent Acquisition Manager

In the dynamic world of technology, recruitment trends are constantly changing to meet the demands of an ever-changing scene. Whether you’re actively seeking new opportunities or simply curious about the latest developments in the job market, staying up to date with these trends is essential to remain ahead of the curve.

The job market has undergone significant transformations in recent years, particularly within the realm of technology. With the fast development of digital technologies and the global shift towards remote and hybrid work, which is struggling with many realities, companies have had to adapt their recruitment strategies to meet the evolving needs of the industry.

In this blog post, we will discuss some of the top recruitment trends that everyone in the world of technology should know about. Without further ado, grab your favourite coding snack and let’s uncover what’s in store for the future of tech recruitment!

Hybrid Work

Striking the balance between personal and professional life is critical. We’ve seen a decrease in fully remote work opportunities. Although this is an excellent topic for an entire afternoon conversation with different visions, at Xpand IT, we’ve had the hybrid model even before the pandemic and always believed in its advantages.

The hybrid model promotes a more inclusive work culture, accommodating diverse needs and preferences. Whether you succeed in the quiet of your home office or thrive in the buzz of a busy workplace, you can adapt your work environment to suit your productivity and well-being. What this means is it offers the best of both worlds, allowing people to enjoy the flexibility and autonomy of remote work while fostering the collaboration and camaraderie of in-person interactions.

Most sought-after skills

Usually when we think about a technical role and skills, we deliberate on hard skills. The reality is technology is fast paced and a relevant hard skill today might not be as important tomorrow.

At Xpand IT, we prioritize soft skills because they set candidates apart. Effective communication is key in IT, from translating complex technical concepts into understandable language for non-technical stakeholders to collaboration skills that enable seamless teamwork, which is essential for tackling projects that often require cross-functional expertise. Adaptability and problem-solving abilities empower IT professionals, allowing us to navigate rapid technological advancements and overcome unexpected challenges.

Moreover, leadership and emotional intelligence foster trust, inspire confidence and drive innovation, qualities highly sought after by tech leaders and team members. In a field where technology constantly evolves, soft skills provide the foundation for agility, resilience, and continuous learning. Soft skills complement technical skills, enabling you to thrive in dynamic environments, build strong relationships, and drive impactful outcomes.

Adapting to market changes

We’ve seen some changes in today’s job market competitiveness. In the last few years, finding the right opportunity has been like searching for a needle in a haystack, but there has been a considerable reduction in opportunities, at least for now. This means that prioritizing stability and growth opportunities is paramount for IT professionals.

Stability and growth potential go hand in hand with job satisfaction and employee retention. By selecting a stable organization with a track record of success and a clear vision for the future, IT professionals can align their career aspirations with a company composed of sustainable growth, minimizing the risk of job instability in the long run.

At Xpand IT, we are committed to offering security, opting most of the time to provide an employment contract of indefinite duration. The reason for this is our focus on growth, ensuring job security and opportunities for career advancement and skill development. Companies that invest in their employees’ growth cultivate a culture of continuous learning and professional development, paving the way for upward mobility and personal fulfilment.

1st jobs over internships

This might not be a worldwide trend, but we believe it’s a critical path to follow here at Xpand IT. Prioritizing first job opportunities over internships can be a strategic move for aspiring IT professionals aiming to jumpstart their careers.

A first job offers more responsibilities and opportunities for skill development. It can accelerate your technical and soft skills learning, setting a solid foundation for future career growth. Additionally, landing a full-time job demonstrates a higher level of commitment and competence to potential employers, providing clarity and security for candidates embarking on their professional journey.


Starting the last topic with a little controversy, I believe that most Portuguese job applicants don’t really know how to “sell themselves” to the employer. This means it is a clear challenge to express our skills, potential, and strengths, especially during a job interview. There is a lot of information you can find about improving yourself and the way you sell your profile as the right candidate, but I want to focus on something more specific here.

Technology has evolved to a point where there are more specialized fields than we can count. This brings companies to seek candidates who demonstrate focus, clarity, and a strong sense of direction in their career paths. This doesn’t mean you have to know the answer to “Where do you see yourself in 5 years?” it’s just that employers value professionals who have a clear understanding of their strengths and expertise in specific technologies, as well as a willingness to continuously improve and adapt to emerging trends.

This means, for example, that if you want to pursue a new position as a Data Engineer at Xpand IT, even though you don’t have the required experience in Data, showcasing a proactive attitude towards skill development is highly desirable.

The tech recruitment landscape is evolving due to hybrid work models and the emphasis on soft skills. Hybrid work environments offer flexibility and collaboration, while soft skills like adaptability, communication, and leadership are becoming increasingly important. Prioritizing direct employment over internships is a strategic response to market changes, emphasizing job stability and career growth. By emphasizing focus, self-awareness, and a commitment to growth, candidates can stand out in the competitive job market and align themselves with companies seeking driven, forward-thinking professionals.

This trend highlights the importance of informed and strategic choices in the rapidly evolving tech job market.